Get inspired, pique your curiosity, and have a shared family experience. At Trapholt, you and your family can have a creative and cozy experience together. The museum is free for children and youth under 18 years old.

With the guides, you can always receive exciting tasks and art hunts for the museum. For all major special exhibitions, there are special tasks and games so that art and design become fun and imaginative for the children. Tasks and art hunts are completely free.


Fiddle Zones Explore

Trapholt’s current exhibitions and let loose in the Fiddle Zones. Make your own puzzle inspired by Richard Mortensen’s paintings, play with colors, and design your own chair with wooden blocks.

Animal Hunt

If you have very young children, you can search for animal tracks. You’ll hunt through Trapholt’s collection to find works with animals. It takes about 15 minutes. Suitable for 2-5-year-olds.

Outdoor Activities

Trapholt is surrounded by an impressive park with beautiful views of Kolding Fjord. Here, children – and adults – can let off some steam and enjoy nature. Also, experience the impressive sculptures placed all around the museum. There’s also the option to have picnic lunches at tables and benches in the park.

Children’s Corner in the Café

In the café, there’s a special children’s corner where they can draw and construct while the adults finish their meals. There’s also a comfortable armchair where you can relax and read a book together.

Bring Your Own Food

In the beautiful surroundings of the Sculpture Park, there are tables and benches. If the weather is bad, you can move into our picnic house in Trappergården. Find out if the room is available and get the key from the shop.


It’s possible to navigate the entire museum with strollers and prams. Changing facilities are available in the museum’s foyer and at the café. Additionally, the museum has two strollers available for borrowing.


Find the guides at the museum or at the Information Desk. They will be happy to help you find an activity that suits your needs.