Mie Mørkeberg – Kryptomania

Trapholt presents Mie Mørkeberg’s first major solo exhibition. The exhibition shows new art that invite us into Mørkeberg’s imaginary land “Kryptomania” – a land that Mørkeberg creates in her paintings.

Mie Mørkeberg is concerned with how today’s technological possibilities and climate challenges affect the idea that humans, technology and nature must be in a divided order. The title “Kryptomania” refers to how Mørkeberg paints a whole new universe, where the traditional division between man / nature, reality / dream, inside / outside, day / night is in dissolution.

Her motifs appear immediately recognizable with human-like figures, but are at the same time mixed with animal and nature elements and spatial disorientation. Mie Mørkeberg paints an encrypted version of reality as if it were a dream in which logic dissolves.

The works of art – paintings and ceramics – have been created for the exhibition and unfold a complete universe – a world in itself. The motifs include landscapes, cosmic beings and dreamy human bodies. The expression contains Mørkeberg’s picturesque signature of creating moods and spaces that at once seem attractive and disturbing.


Mie Mørkeberg Kryptomania

The exhibition is funded by Beckett Fonden and Gangstedfonden