Nanna Ditzel – Danish Modern

Nanna Ditzel (1923–2005) is one of the most influential women designers of all time. This exhibition about Nanna Ditzel is part of Trapholt’s Danish Modern series, offering unique insight into a design practice that remained challenging and innovative throughout a 60-year career.

As a pioneer in rethinking the functionalist tradition, Nanna Ditzel created furniture that was free, colourful and cutting-edge. She built a lasting legacy as one of the greatest figures in Danish design, making a strong mark on private homes and public spaces alike.

Nanna Ditzel obtained her degree in furniture design in 1946, immediately going on to open her own design studio with her husband, the architect Jørgen Ditzel. They collaborate on everything up until Jørgen Ditzel’s death in 1961. The hallmark of their joint design, and of Nanna Ditzel’s own designs, is a sense of inquisitive openness and a fascination with new techniques and materials. At the same time, their design is infused with a functionalism that also facilitates a striving for beauty and harmony. Her sculptural, vibrant furniture designs made Nanna Ditzel the ‘Grand Old Lady of Danish Design’.

Featuring a selection of Nanna Ditzel’s furniture designs from the museum’s collections, the display is part of Trapholt’s exhibition series Danish Modern.

Trapholt wishes to thank Nanna Ditzel Design, Snedkergaarden, Skagerak Denmark, GHform, Billund Airport and Louisiana Channel for their collaboration on the exhibition.


All photos © Nanna Ditzel Design