Become an ArtMate Ambassador

Become a volunteer




Terese Sau Hansen
t: 2334 5063

What does it mean to volunteer in the ’ArtMates’ community?

Trapholt wants to invite young people at the age of 18-30 to become an essential part of co-creating the ’ArtMates’ community.

Are you interested in art, design, and craft together with ‘hygge’?


What will you gain?

  • A fun and artsy network / building a network
  • Coordination skills (events, field trips etc.)
  • Planning and doing workshop activities
  • Co-creation and participation
  • Working as a team
  • Meet others with the same passion for design, art and ‘hygge’
  • Communication skills
  • Gain skills for a career in the creative industries
  • Free entrance to Trapholt museum, 10% discount at the Trapholt Design shop, 10% discount in the Gustav Lind café, invitations to vernissages etc.
  • Free access or great discount to the ‘ArtMates’ events and field trips
  • And much more!


What do we hope you will bring?

  • Meet up with the volunteer group once or twice a month
  • Engage in the co-creating process of the community
  • Being a part of the planned events and activities
  • Sharing your great ideas with us!
  • Reach out to relevant collaboration partners (maybe other museums, cultural organisations, cafes etc.)
  • Maybe reach out to fellow students or relatives whom might be interested in becoming a part of the community
  • Have fun!


We plan on meeting at least once a month, preferably every second week. Here the group of volunteers come together with one-two employees of Trapholt, where we meet, discuss, and plan future events etc.

We do not necessarily meet at Trapholt museum – we arrange that from time to time.

To sum it up! We need your great ideas and energy! Then Trapholt will provide the resources in terms of administrative tasks, funding etc.